Ashley has entered a new phase in her life, recently becoming an empty-nester and beginning to architect what she calls “the second half of her life.” After spending her entire life overcoming disabilities, she has set her sights on a long and athletic life. Ashley is obsessed with all types of holistic therapies, nutrition, tonics, Chinese herbs, meditation, exercise, and the overall Blue Zone lifestyle. Blue Zones are places in the world where people live to be 100+ and in good health. Blue Zone lives are filled with surprising secrets such as socializing for 6 hours a day and drinking two glasses of vino. Much of this life is counterintuitive to the modern life of achieving, computers and gyms. She recently took the plunge and has been spending most of her time in a Blue Zone, and adjusting to the new culture. Her fasciacentric life is the perfect blend of all the latest science and technology blended with the time-honored traditions of those wiser than modern society.

Ashleyʼs first public step into promoting this type of life is her New Year New You program that incorporates many elements of #Ash-life. Ashley will be opening her personal life to her audience to serve as an inspiration and will be introducing these concepts to her audience. She will soon be offering immersive vacations to come and experience Ash-life! Stay tuned as Ashley prepares this new component of the Ashley Black Guru brand.