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The pictures were taken four and a half months apart. I blasted twice a week, one upper body blast for an hour, and one lower body blast for an hour. I used the original long Blaster, but I have since incorporated the Master Blaster and I love it. I lost only 2Ibs on the scale, but my body fat dropped 4%.
I have been working out with weights 5 x week for 12 years and been eating a grain free diet for 4 years. The only thing that changed between my two pictures is Blasting my body. I cannot believe the difference it has made to my posture, size (my clothes fit much looser) and my stiffness has completely gone. I feel much healthier and more supple overall! Thank you so much Ashley Black for doing the research and bringing us all this wonderful product!

Holy cow ladies!!! Take your before pictures for sure!! The pic on the left is during my first couple of days blasting at the beginning of April and the one on the right is tonight before I blasted I'm still in shock! I have had my hump for 36 years, it quite literally has always been a part of me... I got it after a horrific fall down cement stairs framed in steel panels at a park when I was 3. I fell down the 12 stairs, fractured my skull in 3 places at the base, fractured 3 vertebrae and I had amnesia for 3 days. For some crazy reason 3 is actually my lucky number! As for this unwelcome guest who's been hitching a ride my whole life and stealing ponytail confidence, messing with my posture and causing necklaces to ride up the front of my neck and choke me...I will not miss you. Not one bit. Thank you Ashley Black!
#proudlywearingponytails #blasterforlife

I have been thrilled with my change in shape. It’s surreal to see my body finally moving towards what I know is healthy for me. I blast 3x per week in a hot shower and 1-2 more times after a hot bath if I can fit in the extras. I started with only the Master Blaster, and have since moved on to deeper treatment by using the original fascia blaster and either my nugget or mini two. I do a full body blast at least once per week. I also make sure my diet matches my goals - we eat mostly plant based and are Gluten/corn free. I do the heart-butt exercises as often as I can throughout the week, usually also 3 times. And I try to drink a whole bunch of water! This past month I lost 4 pounds without even trying to! I for sure know that I can partially contribute that to releasing so many built up toxins from years of body neglect and poor diet! I love everything about your products! They have been a game changer!

When I was first introduced to the Ashley Black Fascia Blasters group, I was immediately intrigued. As a health and fitness coach with 100lbs lost under my belt, I was bothered by the lack of muscle definition, loose belly skin from gaining over 85lbs from my pregnancy to a 10lb baby girl in 2014 and the fact that I would never have my "pre-baby body" back.
I watched the group for one month and was SOLD!! Where do I buy this? How do I do this? I NEED this now!!!
Ladies, it works. Ashley is amazing.
Sometimes I only had enough time for 5 minutes or a quick whole body. Do what you can. When you can. For as long as you can! There are no secrets here. I'm an open book. Sometimes I blasted my stomach for the entire length of Guns & Roses November Rain and sometimes I blasted my legs for 3 minutes total.
Ashley, thank you!!! From the bottom of my heart, thank you for figuring this all out and making our lives better because of it! You've created a product and a process that is absolutely life changing. You've created a Fascia Family that is uplifting and helpful and a pleasure to be a part of.

I've been using the FasciaBlaster for over a year now and I'm a true believer. I started out the the Mini 2 (but now have all the blasters) which I use 4 days a week after my workouts. I follow the guidelines to heat internally, heat externally, blast, then cold, flush and activate. There are some weeks that I blast only 3 times a week as life can get in the way and that's ok. I feel for most getting results with blasting does take time but you'll get there! I'm not one of the many people that get the quick results, but I know it works and blasting has changed how i feel about myself.

I highly recommend the FasciaBlaster.

I heat my fascia with very warm bath and heat pad. Heat is key. I used the nugget on my legs and then blasted. I am a 2 1/2 year blaster and very impressed with my results. I used the nugget on my legs with the poke and wiggle technique. I blasted over my legs after doing that. It works!!! Love all of Ashley's tools. They transformed my body!! I canʼt believe I can cross my legs like this and still love my legs.

I started out blasting as often as my body would allow. I would sit on my couch with a heating pad, a bottle of oil and blast away. I was literally the most insecure person about my legs, I wanted to be the girl to wear short shorts and feel like every women. I hated wearing a bathing suit, I thought my body was so ugly. I would starve myself to see if I could smooth my skin texture, it didnʼt but then I came across the blaster when I used to google How to get rid of cellulite" and actually researched it for a year for the fear of being let down by one more thing, then in March of 2017 I pulled the trigger. I first bought the mini 2, eventually buying the original blaster. I started in March and I had a deadline. I had a concert to go to in May, I wanted to wear shorts, and I did. I am glad I can be curvy and smooth.

I'm coming up on two years using the blaster products. It was the "ball" that started rolling for me. Ironically, I got the product because of headaches and tension as well as issues running down my arm. Fasciablasting has totally helped with those issues and grew into so much more. (Not to mention that I was creeping up on 50yrs and now that I'm almost 51yrs I'm a healthier and happier mom of 5!). Presently I workout 5 mornings a week (few minutes of cardio into a weight lifting "routine" (changes), Blast something almost everyday. I love the new lifestyle and thank Ashley for being a big inspiration in my journey.

I started using the fascia blaster in Sept when I found out I was having a third child. Being I have had two cesareans and scheduled to have a third (I have a deformed pelvis. Like a D turned sideways), I was intrigued about learning about the connection of fascia and of scar tissue.
However, this turned into so much more than curiosity about scars.
I happened to share with Ashley about having MS, and she was intrigued by the notion of lesions being a fascial adhesion. Since the most active lesion was at C3, and sometimes flares from stress or any kind of illness (I chose to manage and treat my MS with nutrition and essential oils only), I decided to take my health into my own hands and address the fascia on my neck and head.
There's sooooooooo many ideas and aspects of how and why MS occurs, what helps, etc. and what seems to make the most sense for my body, is constant blood flowing healthily through the body and brain (I do a lot of handstands and headstands to promote healthy blood flow to the brain), and a Paleo nutritional lifestyle with the accentuation of essential oils.
Out of personal curiosity, I decided to try the blaster out on my legs where I had dents and dimples especially after losing a lot of weight (83lbs) post baby number two.
I put it to the test and am super pleased with the overall performance of the fascia blaster! My whole body has tightened up and Iʼm very happy with my lower belly area.
I'm so excited to share with a group of others who are experiencing success with their blasters, and I can't wait to praise your successes!

I do my hands daily. I soak them in hot water for at least 3-5 minutes. I apply coconut oil and do fast light strokes back & forth. I do both top and bottom of my hand and then I flush and run my hands under cold water. I also go up my arms. I have felt so much better ever since I purchased this amazing tool. It has literally saved my life. I was actually fixing to try for disability. For my legs I do Ashleyʼs videos. I do my entire body once a week. I have RA so it is important to address my fascia daily. But it no longer has me. And I donʼt mind my name being used. Thank you Ashley & staff I would not be the person I am today without yʼall. God Bless :heart::pray::muscle::skin-tone-2: 3 days of blasting following protocol has released my the discomfort Iʼve suffered for the last 6 years. No more meds. No more steroid shots. Free of pain in just 3 days. Thank you #AshleyBlack for giving me my life back.

I blast at least 4 nights in hot bath just with steam to heat after about 5 minutes sit- ting! I faceblaster about 5 minutes total on face then 2 total on neck & cleavage. I use Ashleyʼs oils religiously! The after blaster cleanse is a must!!! I also follow protocols for head and neck tension. I have Occipital neuropathy and I blast my scalp 3-4 times a week. I also have limited space in my neck so blasting my scalp, neck, and shoulders at least twice a week is imperative. I also use a neck hammock every day for 10 minutes after I exercise to help me from stiffening my neck in case I over exercise and start to get inflamed. This keeps my muscles & fascia stretched and relaxed.