Dents and Dimples

Enjoy this mind-blowing video of a few of my favorite before and afters!

In all my years of working with the system of the body called fascia to both heal myself and to help others, I didn’t make the connection between fascia and dimples and dents until after the FasciaBlaster tools were already invented. What a life changing invention this has been!

Medical News Today defines cellulite as a condition when “fat deposits push through the connective tissue beneath the skin.” That connective tissue IS the FASCIA. Fascia requires regular care throughout your lifetime, so you can imagine the dysfunction that you could develop if you’ve never massaged it! The fascia can pull the skin from the inside into dimples and dents on the outside.

We’ve put the perfect kit together for all your fascia needs and are offering a limited time savings of 50% on our New Advanced Kit. You will get the FasciaBlaster - Retail Price $89 which is great for the back and thighs, The MasterBlaster - Retail $124.99, perfect for full body ultimate coverage, The Mini1 - Retail $65 and the Nugget - Retail $20 for all those stubborn spots. This all-encompassing kit is a game changer and a steal,
a $298.99 VALUE for just $149.

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