Heart Butt Challenge – Overview

Heart Butt Challenge – Overview


Because fascia is the main sensory organ and communication system, it’s essential for the mind-body connection to every muscle – including the glutes. Fascia can also bind the skin to the muscles, fat, and other structures which can prevent full access to blood flow, nerves, and muscles which can slow down progress on your Heart Butt.

Heat and oil up, then use the FaceBlaster™ for a few minutes of light blasting. Then use the larger claws of the Mini1™, Mini2™, or FasciaBlaster® to blast the love handles, “high butt”, low sides, and glute-hamstring tie-in. You’ll also want to add in some full-body FasciaBlasting sessions.


Step 1: Heat

You can read pages 138-143 from my bestselling book “The Cellulite Myth” for more information on heating the tissue both internally and externally and the science behind it!

Step 2: Oil up and prep the tissue with a few minutes of light, brisk FasciaBlasting

If you have the FaceBlaster™, this is the perfect tool to start out with.

You can use the techniques in this playlist:


If you can lightly FasciaBlast without pain or sensitivity and you see the skin turning red, you can move on to FasciaBlasting with the larger claws.


Step 3: Use the FasciaBlaster, Mini1, or Mini2

After a few minutes of lighter FasciaBlasting, you can use the larger claws to FasciaBlast the following areas:


Heart Butt Blasting Zones:

  1. Love Handles
  2. High Butt
  3. Low Sides
  4. The Glute-Hamstring Tie-In
  5. Full-body FasciaBlasting


Intro to the Heart Butt FasciaBlasting tutorials:

FasciaBlast Each Zone for 1-3 Minutes (total of 12-20 minutes on each side):

1. Love Handles

2. What I call “High Butt” or “Square Butt”

3. Low Sides

4. The Glute-Hamstring Tie-In

5. Full-body FasciaBlasting

You can mix in some full-body FasciaBlasting sessions as needed.

Step 4: Recovery

After FasciaBlasting, we recommend “flushing”, which is simply a light, brisk up and down stroke. You can use the FaceBlaster to lightly blast the areas you just massaged, or you can use your hands to help flush the whole extremity.

The After Blaster Cream is perfect for flushing.

Don’t forget to do the Heart Butt exercises at least 2 times per week.

In summary:

Ease into it. Going too hard too soon can actually work against you and is not necessary, nor is it recommended.

Listen to your body and even if the process takes longer than you’d prefer, be patient and keep in mind that you’re improving your overall wellbeing by restoring your fascia.

For best results, incorporate flushing and muscle activation along with your FasciaBlasting sessions.