How can the tools help me with my ITBands?

After having a hip replacement on my right side, it is always a struggle for me to keep alignment of my right leg, and often times my ITBand gets tight. Allow me the honor of sharing my struggles with you and the solutions I have found for myself and hundreds of thousands of others, through the knowledge of FASCIA.

I believe the reason so many people are foam rolling their ITBands between every workout, is because the quadriceps and hamstrings have opposite actions, and if the fascia does not glide smoothly the ITBands can become tight all of the time. The FasciaBlaster is aimed at addressing the fascia directly, which is great for this type of stiffness.

This video explains how easy and quick it is to use the FasciaBlaster tools to help with long term ITBand tightness.

Foam rolling provides compression, but for the separation and glide of the ITBand, you're going to LOVE the FasciaBlaster tools.

We've put the perfect kit together for all your fascia needs and are offering a limited time saving of $75 on our Starter Kit. You will get the FasciaBlaster - Retail Price $89 which can be used all over your body, and great for straddling the ITBands, which is great for blasting close to the bones of the knee and hip as well as the feet and the Nugget - Retail $20, for deep trigger point therapy of the ITBand attachments or any other fascia troubled spots.

This all-encompassing kit is a game changer and a steal,

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