Our vision

Taking care of you is our top priority

We love our bodies. We love your body. We don’t want to "guess" when it comes to taking care of our fascia tissue, and we don’t want you to either. Our philosophy is deeply rooted in peer reviewed and published science*. We innovate all our products based on the unique perspective of Ashley’s 30 year career in tissue regeneration* and the latest cutting edge science. If it’s not proven, we won’t make it. That is our promise.


We are here to support you every step of the way #Blaster for life

Taking care of your fascia tissue is a lifestyle. Fascia health affects every aspect of beauty, well being and aging. In a world bombarded with false information, we are here to help you see the truth. Our motto is "Ya, we have a tutorial for that". Through weekly live feeds, an endless supply of videos, social media filled with user "motivators" and staff, the #askashley hashtag, blogs and social posts, you are never alone. And no question will go unanswered.


We’re living in the present and looking towards the future

Our brand lives at the edge of the comfort zone, pushing the boundaries of the industry. Whether the idea is popular or not, we are fully present, mindful and making conscious decisions for you and your health. We also have one foot in the future, awakened to social trends, biological impact and the next generation. We are ever exploring the newest innovations in green chemistry for our renewables and recyclable material in our packaging and tools. We believe in the best possible care for your body and the best possible care for our beautiful planet and the souls that live in it.


Making the unattainable affordable

Ashley spent the majority of her career helping professional athletes, global influencers and celebrities for thousands of dollars per session. It always bothered her that she couldn’t impact more people and at an attainable price point. We believe the benefits of healthy tissue is for everyone. Our mission is to provide free knowledge and affordable products so that every man, woman and child on the planet can be empowered to take care of their own tissue.


Leading the way

We are the first company to ever crack the nut of regenerating tissue* in an all natural way. We take the impact of this discovery responsibly and take accountability for leading the industry. We are rolling out new products including supplements, Kryotherapy, automatic fascia tools, water and more, and expanding into new distribution channels through strategic partnerships and health and beauty professionals internationally. We look forward to "pounding the pavement" and continuing to bring the good news to the world.


Our values

Our company is a reflection of Ashley’s values. She is a digital nomad, an avid yogie and surfer, which has led to a deep love for our environment and all the beings in it. She’s also a mother to 5 grown children, and is passionate to help create a more awakened more mindful world for them and future generations. We value a healthy body and peace of mind above all else. Ultimately the ongoing mission is a raise in global consciousness and a shift towards higher vibrational living for all.