Prep - Massage - Refine Tools

EASY AS 1 - 2 - 3

I am thrilled that after only 3 short years, our FasciaBlaster family of tools has grown from the game-changing FasciaBlaster® to over 8 tools and counting. Every FasciaBlaster user will need a Prep Tool, a Massage Tool and a Refining Tool for ease of use. Now you can easily choose what tools fit your specific needs—Prep, Massage, Refine! Remember to use on bare skin with ample oil.

Love and Light,


I recommend using a Prep Tool, one of our FasciaBlaster tools with the smallest claws. Prep Tools, when used with the claws lying flat against the skin, can only penetrate the surface layers, so it’s a “no brainer” for Blasting at the right pressure. Prep Tools are also amazing for heating the tissue, the perfect prep for deeper work.


I recommend using a FasciaBlaster Massage Tool after the tissue is thoroughly warm and prepped with a Prep Tool. The Fascia Blaster tools have larger claws. When you press harder, the larger claws can push into the muscle layers. Your body will guide you and using the FasciaBlaster Massage Tools will be effortless and intuitive! The various lengths of the Massage Tools will help you FasciaBlast every nook and cranny of your body.


I recommend a refining tool for every FasciaBlaster user. After the tissue is prepped and massaged with FasciaBlaster tools, you will discover stubborn spots, big clumps of bound tissue or trigger points. The nugget tips of The Refining Tools can penetrate deep and targeted into problem areas, taking the FasciaBlaster experience to a whole new level. The Mini 1™ and the Mini 2™ are both Massage Tools and Refining Tools because they can be used to FasciaBlast as well as to target stubborn spots with the nugget tips. The solo Nugget is special because it is small enough to toss in your pocket for “anytime” use. I also included the MasterBlaster™ tool as a refining tool for seasoned FasciaBlaster users, because once your tissue allows for deeper work, the MasterBlaster™ can be used on the fascia between muscles.

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